Our Vision is a Global Model to educate and empower other countries to make similar environmental changes and stimulate their economy.

This Global Model will be an example to inspire people to improve the quality of their soil, grow organic vegetables, harvest organic heirloom seeds and plant organic fruit trees.


The vision is to purchase 400 additional acres of agricultural land located in Vilcabamba Valley, Ecuador.

This will establish our presence in Ecuador and create an important agricultural center for organic farming and organic heirloom seed production. 

We are building a Self-Sustainable Village and collaborating
with the indigenous people of Ecuador:

  1. To grow organic vegetables, edible herbs, flowers, and organic heirloom seeds
  2. Build a Wellness Rejuvenation Center for International Guests.
  3. We will preserve the ancient farming traditions in Vilcabamba Valley
    and provide jobs for the indigenous people of the Valley and the Rainforest.

We are designing and building:

  • An office and Welcome Center to greet International Guests in Loja where the business of the Foundation will be conducted.
  • This includes an International Communications Center to take orders for our products,
    and a Reservations system for the Wellness and Rejuvenation Center.
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