The 406 Acres of Land in Vilcabamba Valley will be used for the following purposes:

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Archtictural Plan-1-IEENI GLOBAL

Everything we plant is Organic, including Vegetables, Fruit Trees, Edible Herbs, Seed Gardens and Flower


Archtictural Plan-2-IEENI GLOBAL

We are constructing a Solar Pool, Children's School, Conference Center, Main Kitchen and Office


Archtictural Plan-3-IEENI GLOBAL

We are building a Wellness Eco-Retreat for International Guests to rejuvenate


We are designing an office and Welcome Center to greet International Guests in Loja, the capital of the province 20 miles away, where the business of the Foundation will be conducted. This will include an International Communications Center to take orders for the Organic Heirloom Seeds, a Reservations system for the Wellness Eco-Retreat and orders for our Products.

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