Valley of Longevity

Proposed Site of The IEENI GLOBAL FOUNDATION World Headquarters

Vilcabamba Fields-500px-72dpiThe Vilcabamba Valley  in southern Ecuador is one of the five longevity regions in the world where the people live an average age of 100 years.  It is a sub-tropical mountain valley where the elevation ranges from 4,600 to 15,000 feet.  The climate is dry and the temperature averages 70ยบ year round. This unique land contains many varieties of medicinal and edible plants, exotic species of birds and animals. 


The longevityCapamaca River of the indigenous people is attributed to the clustered mineral water  that originates from 15,000 ft. glacial lakes that form two rivers, the Vilcabamba and Capamaca.   The water in these rivers contain high amounts of alkaline minerals that are the same configuration as the cells of the human body. When the people drink this water every day, it rejuvenates their cells and is the reason why the people in Vilcabamba Valley live to an average age of 100 years.  This water is used to irrigate our organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The clustered mineral water will be used in food preparation, drinking and bathing at the Wellness Eco-Retreat Center, a world-class health retreat.

The plan is to utilize 50 acres of the 400 acres of land to grow organic vegetables and plant fruit tree orchards and other subtropical trees.  In Vilcabamba Valley, there is six feet of very rich black topsoil which yields exceptionally nutritious fruits and vegetables.  We grow sub-tropical fruit trees such as papaya, mango, cherimoya, rose apple, sweet lemon, oranges, guava, banana, avocado, sapotes, and tree tomatoes.  Vegetables include lettuce, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, onions, celery, radishes, parsley, herbs and many more.

We are building an international sustainable community, a Village which includes the Wellness Eco-Retreat Center, School, Cultural Center, Dining Hall, staff cottages and homes.  We will provide our own solar and wind to power the electricity for the entire land site.  In addition, we are using natural materials in the construction of buildings and furnishings.

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